1 comm tColumbia CWH Series: Instantaneous indirect heating, utilizing copper coils, does away with the destructive corrosive action of raw water which occurs in direct-fired heaters and insures a clean, rust-free hot water supply at all times. Ideal for laundromats, fitness clubs, swimming pools, motels, car washes, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings and coin-op laundries. Two different styles to choose from: CWH and MPHX.

Continuous Output Range: 170 to 2460 gpm at 100 F rise (Maximum Output Temperature: 140-160F)
Fuels: #2 Oil, Natural or LP gas, Dual fuel

Installation and Service in Connecticut 203-934-3066

Large volume instantaneous tankless coils

Heavy boiler plate throughout

Heavy gage inclined water tube or fire tube
Attractive powder coated steel jacket