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Columbia's WL Series is the nation's most versatile commercial boiler, and is ideal for schools, hospitals, office buildings, apartments, bakeries, greenhouses, laundries and laundromats, health clubs, light industrial structures, and many other applications. The rugged 9 gage thickness watertube and waterleg welded construction eliminates the danger of thermal shock, making the WL a favorite for 100% feedwater make-up applications in humidification and bakeries. Its compact dimensions (34-1/2" through the WL-140; 40-1/2" on the WL-180) permits installation through narrow doors and passageways. Wherever you need steam or hydronic heating, instantaneous clean hot water, or low-pressure steam processing, the WL is the perfect choice.

Range: 20 to 60 HP, 15 PSI steam or 30 PSI water.
Fuels: #2 Oil, Natural or LP gas, Dual fuel

Service and Installation in Connecticut - 203-934-3066

Water-tube - Water leg construction
Compact Dimensions
80% plus combustion efficiency
Coil access plates for optional tankless coils
Supply outlet flange WL90 through WL180
Heavy gage inclined 2" water tube design
Water leg design for rapid heat-up time
Attractive insulated steel jacket
Large cleanout door for fireside cleaning