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A complete line of superbly engineered boiler units covering a broad range of commercial applications. Ideal for breweries, distilleries, schools, hospitals, office buildings, apartments, greenhouses, laundries and more. Installation and service in Connecticut.

GL-L Series

GL/L Series

GL/L Series (196 - 700 MBTU)

Low pressure 2" inclined water tube boiler for commercial steam and hydronic heating applications.

The GL-L is a rugged inclined watertube steel boiler used for hydronic heating, steam heating and steam process applications. A favorite for 100% makeup water applications. The welded steel 2" watertube design eliminates threat of thermal shock. Ideal for bakeries, micro breweries, health spas, canneries, restaurants, plus humidification, and many other small low pressure steam applications.

Range: 4 to 16 HP, 15 PSI steam or 30 PSI water
Fuels: #2 Oil, Natural or LP gas, Dual fuel


High quality watertube construction
80% combustion efficiency
Optional tankless coils available from 170 to 610 GPH

Columbia WL Series

Columbia GL/L Commercial Boilers - service and installation in Connecticut -203-934-3066

Columbia's WL Series is the nation's most versatile commercial boiler, and is ideal for schools, hospitals, office buildings, apartments, bakeries, greenhouses, laundries and laundromats, health clubs, light industrial structures, and many other applications. The rugged 9 gage thickness watertube and waterleg welded construction eliminates the danger of thermal shock, making the WL a favorite for 100% feedwater make-up applications in humidification and bakeries. Its compact dimensions (34-1/2" through the WL-140; 40-1/2" on the WL-180) permits installation through narrow doors and passageways. Wherever you need steam or hydronic heating, instantaneous clean hot water, or low-pressure steam processing, the WL is the perfect choice.

Range: 20 to 60 HP, 15 PSI steam or 30 PSI water.
Fuels: #2 Oil, Natural or LP gas, Dual fuel

Service and Installation in Connecticut - 203-934-3066

Water-tube - Water leg construction
Compact Dimensions
80% plus combustion efficiency
Coil access plates for optional tankless coils
Supply outlet flange WL90 through WL180
Heavy gage inclined 2" water tube design
Water leg design for rapid heat-up time
Attractive insulated steel jacket
Large cleanout door for fireside cleaning

Columbia CWH MPHX Water Heater Series

1 comm tColumbia CWH Series: Instantaneous indirect heating, utilizing copper coils, does away with the destructive corrosive action of raw water which occurs in direct-fired heaters and insures a clean, rust-free hot water supply at all times. Ideal for laundromats, fitness clubs, swimming pools, motels, car washes, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings and coin-op laundries. Two different styles to choose from: CWH and MPHX.

Continuous Output Range: 170 to 2460 gpm at 100 F rise (Maximum Output Temperature: 140-160F)
Fuels: #2 Oil, Natural or LP gas, Dual fuel

Installation and Service in Connecticut 203-934-3066

Large volume instantaneous tankless coils

Heavy boiler plate throughout

Heavy gage inclined water tube or fire tube
Attractive powder coated steel jacket

Multi-Pass Horizontal Boilers

1 mphColumbia Multi-Pass Horizontal Boilers are competitively priced, narrow in width & easily serviced. This modified Scotch, three-pass fire tube model is designed for use as a 15 PSI steam or 30 PSI water unit. The sizes range from 5 BHP to150 BHP, natural gas or LP gas, #2 oil, dual fuel or biogas fired. Ideal for: breweries, distilleries, schools, apartments, bakeries, brewpubs, laundromats, dairies and many more applications.

Range: 5 to 150 HP, 15 PSI steam or 30 PSI water
Fuels: #2 Oil, Natural or LP gas, Dual fuel, Methane / Biogas

Installation and Service in Connecticut - 203-934-3066

32 1/2" compact width (Size 5-80)
Bottom hand holes for thorough cleanout
Quick open fireside cleanout doors
Optional hot water coils 780 GPH to 2460 GPH
83%+ efficiencies, up to 90% with high efficiency package

2 MPH01 

Boiler Feed Systems

Columbia Boiler Feed SystemsHeavy gauge steel construction.
Horizontal and vertical configurations
Float operated make-up valve.
High suction pipe prevents sediment from entering pump, increasing life of impeller and raceway.

Water level gauge
Turbine pump driven by heavy duty drip-proof motor.
Provisions for thermometer and sparge tube
Installation and Service in Connecticut - 203-934-3066


Albertus Magnus College St. John the Baptist
Buckingham Apartments St. Lawrence Church
Christ Church St. Louis School (W. Haven)
Cosmo's St. Mary's Rectory
Darien Public Schools St. Rose Convent
First Baptist Church New Haven St. Vincent De Paul Church
First Church of Christ St. Vincent De Paul School
Guilford High School Stonington High School
Guilford Middle School Stop & Shop
Hays School The Hotel Duncan
Knights of Columbus Town of Branford
North Haven Public Schools Town of Clinton - Town Hall
Notre Dame High School Town of Milford - Board of Ed.
Orange Cong. Church Town of Madison
Our Lady Queen of Angels Preschool Town of North Haven
Pierson Middle School
Town of Madison
Trinity Lutheran Church
Plymouth Town Hall Viaduct
Redstone manor Viking Tool Company
Roy Realty Yale Medical Center
St. Aloysius Church Yale University
St. Christopher's School Yale School of Nursing
c/o US Prop.


Similar Experience

Here is a list of our experience with similar types of work:

Yale Medical Center – Numerous steam boilers dating back 25 years and older.
Valerie Wohlstrom

Milford Schools – Numerous steam boiler installations, more than 10 in different schools, including trap replacements in the tunnels, steam modifications and upgrades.
Pat Bradbury

Guilford Schools – Boiler replacements at both the high school and middle school.
Ed Harlow

Clinton Town Hall – Steam boiler replacement and design / build over 25 years old.
Tom Fitting

Knights of Columbus – Boiler replacement design / build for one of the largest buildings in New Haven.
Paul Bello

Redstone Manor – Steam boiler replacement and design / build. Property has over 10 million BTUs and has been converted from oil to gas oil, which also includes a domestic water system. This job was finished in the fall of 2007.
George Passander

Off Broadway Management – The properties were Yale University, numerous steam boilers designs and builds.
Joe Matteis

North Haven Schools – Boiler installations, boiler design / builds, emergency portable boiler rentals. Please note we have our own portable boilers, which can supply heat in an emergency within hours to any of the North Haven Schools.
Grant Pecham

Stonington Public Schools – Very similar project to design #1.

Jamie Boss – H.B. Smith boilers.